Welcome to the Addaday app - a hyper-personalized massage therapy platform that does the thinking for you. Whether you’re looking to ease aches and pains, prevent injuries, prime the body for exercise or recovery, or aid in relaxation, the app delivers tailored routines to give you an experience that’s as close as you can get to an in-person physical therapist consultation from the convenience of your home. The Addaday app analyzes user inputs (such as location and intensity of pain, rate of perceived exertion, stress level, sleep quality and pre-existing conditions) and dynamically collects optional data from Apple Health (including workout data and heart rate variability) to determine appropriate treatments from among millions of therapy variations. The app connects wirelessly to the new generation of Bluetooth-enabled Addaday devices to change intensities and duration and is supported by simple step-by-step video guides of routines that mimic techniques used by professionals. The app also includes therapies that can be used without Addaday devices, giving everyone the opportunity to recover, ease their pains and move better.