Judget is a mobile platform dedicated to social dispute resolution and justice. It is designed as a court of public opinion and inspired by the principles of due process. Share your daily disputes or injustices by submitting a case, take a position on others cases by voting and explain your position by giving a verdict. Submit your issues or injustices before the Judget community by posting a “Case” into “the Courtroom”. Describe your issue as objectively as you can and add your arguments and opinions. You may always support your case with a photo, a link and hashtags. Choose your words wisely as you may not edit your case once posted. To post your case, just Press for Justice. Your case will then be submitted into the Courtroom. This is the main feed of Judget where disputes are submitted, positions are confronted and verdicts are given. Judget does not function on a follower basis. It is not about who you are or what you like. Instead, it is about your intellectual contribution and your position on given issues. This is why Judget offers a single feed where all users can be exposed to, and participate in, a diverse range of opinions. The hashtags allow you to navigate through your topics of interest. If you wish to judge another user's case you must first take a position and vote, in isolation of others, by either approving or disapproving the case. You may justify and explain your position by writing your verdict. You are only allowed one verdict per case and verdicts of high quality may be rewarded an upvote by others. Judget is not a discussion forum and we hope to discourage endless back-and-forth arguments. The aim is not to moderate a social debate but to simulate a court of public opinion. We hope to provide a more civically responsible online environment where issues and injustices can be addressed in the most constructive way possible. You may now “Press for Justice" !